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Bladefist Pugs

for PVE lovers

Pugs on Bladefist realm
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For PVE lovers from Bladefist realm. Helps u find m8s for a better pug.
This community is made for PVE players from Bladefist realm.

The main target of community is helping ppl find good players for pugs, but we can also discuss tactics and other issues.

How does it work? Easy!

1. Become member and add community to your friend list
2. Search topic with raid name, date and time which suits u.
- If you found one, check if there are available spots for you and sign in by posting reply. The topic author will reply by accepting or declining your application. don't forget to mention your GS, experience and always link wow-armory info. Always leave your contacts, so if you are not in time for the raid, ppl can send instant message somewhere. It is great if you have phone, that ppl can use. Note: mention looting system and if something is reserved.
- If you didn't find topic that suits you and you can lead raid: make a new topic.
Topic name should have: Faction, raid name (ICC10, ICC25 etc), raid dates and time (start, end). Also please write who are you looking for (class) and who has already signed in. If you have special requirements or info you would like to share - please feel free to do it. Always leave your contacts.
3. Always monitor topic and if you have news/changes - let others know about them.
For example, If you are not willing to wipe more than 5 times, let others now about it.
If something came up and you can't be in time - let others know about it.
4. Feedback: If you have nice experience with pug found through this community or some ppl didn't come, left raid etc and you want to share the names - feel free.

if you have any proposals, how we can make it work better - contact admins of the community and we will do our best.

We are always in search of ppl, who can help us with design, moderation and population community.

Thank you all and best regards,
Max Wanted